Apex orders are shipped as large letters (to minimise weight, carbon footprint, and cost to you). We track all orders as they head across the globe to ensure they make it to you safely and quickly. Below are the shipping costs:


Price: £5.99 (GBP)
Option: RM 24 Tracked
Time: 1-2 Business Days
Courier: Royal Mail


Price: $9.99 (USD)
Option: Express Tracked
Time: 2-3 Business Days
Courier: Amazon Prime


Price: $9.99 (AUD)
Option: Express Tracked
Time: 2 Business Days
Courier: AUS Post

Rest Of World:

Price: £14.99 (GBP)
Option: International Tracked
Time: 7-10 Business Days
Courier: Royal Mail, DHL or FedEx


We are not officially supporting shipping to the EU due to Brexit regulations. However, you can still place an order. You will be charged Rest Of World prices. We will not cover any charges or fees that arise with shipment into the EU.


Apex does not take any responsibility for customs, duties, or VAT fees as our products pass across International Borders.

Note: Orders crossing International borders and customs can be delayed for up to 2 weeks. We see this in 1% of orders and have no control once the order leaves our fulfilment centre. All delayed orders do arrive.


We will not begin the refund process until 14 days after the initial shipping period has ended. The initial period for the UK is 1-2 Business Days. For International it is 7-10 Business Days.

This is to give the order time to pass through UK or International processing centres at times when shipping traffic might be high (e.g Christmas, Black Friday), or simply to cross International customs.


Shipping FAQ

Read more about the FAQ's related to our shipping costs, fulfilment times, Return Policy, and Refunds