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Apex is driven to help you upgrade yourself to 2.0. Combining elite physical performance x psychological well-being to help you be stronger, fitter, calmer day in, day out.

Exploring the blurred boundaries between high performance & mental health.



Ever imagined a world where professional sport and advanced bio-engineering collide? At APEX we’re at the beginning of that journey - on a mission to create world leading products to help you obliterate your own elite performance goals


Weaponize Depression.

We’re using our platform in cutting edge product development to drive quantum leaps in mental-health discussion and mindset organisation - on a mission to help you become an elite human in all aspects.

Why We Exist

30TH DEC 2011. 11:31AM.

I was diagnosed with Moderate-Severe Clinical Depression. Life from the outside was perfect, but inside something had felt off for a while. Loss of appetite hobbies, friends, energy, and eventually, hope.

The underlying unrest spiralled into confusion, fear, self-loathing, guilt, culminating in a few years of dark lows - staring into the abyss on a daily basis.

It was easier to sleep, easier to wish I could sleep forever. Not die necessarily. Just not live. It was humiliating. Simple things were mountains - cleaning clothes, cooking a square meal, leaving the house.

Anti-depressants cut a false path through the fog. The brief interlude to the mental pain was welcome, but fleeting. Family cared, but couldn't understand. Friends were open, but I was closed.

Another panic attack. More fear, numbness, emptiness. A hollow shell of a human. 20 years old. I was absolutely lost. When would it end.

It took an absolute collapse of everything around me. A quiet dark night, where suicide became feasible. Never planned, but an option. I don't think I was ever truly at risk - but when you stare into darkness long enough you either see a glimmer of light. Or you lose yourself.

I was one of the lucky ones.

6am on the 6th Jan 2013 I walked into a gym. It saved my life. Brick by brick. Routine, nutrition, biochemistry, online community, confidence, strength. I haven't taken an anti-depressant since.

I began a journey to understand my Depression. 6 years later I could control my Depression. 10 years later I'm striving to weaponize my Depression. As a Hybrid Athlete combining strength training, endurance running, building Apex, and cultivating a mindful existence to bring peace to my mind. To my life.

I, and Apex, now exist to help you on your journey. We create world-leading apparel to make the entry into Hybrid Athlete lifestyle smoother. Simultaneously we're building a community of knowledge and support across YouTube and social platforms, to aid others in their personal journeys.

Our mental health is complex and Depression is a dangerous enemy. Young men don't talk about their internal demons, and exercise remains a choice and not a necessity for many.

If only one person who is currently staring into the darkness choses the light - then my job is done.

F*ck Depression,
Jamie (Founder)

YouTube: @jamie.hybrid