The Ultimate Hybrid Athlete Training Programs

The Ultimate Hybrid Athlete Training Programs

Build YOUR perfect Hybrid Athlete training split that's correct for you. Easy.
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Building, updating, and maintaining a Hybrid Athlete training program is never easy. It takes time, hard work, compromise and some smart decisions to ensure you're balancing all the Endurance, Resistance, and Recovery work you need - all to maintain muscle mass, burn fat, and perform in your chosen events.

Whether you're a beginner to Hybrid Training, notched a few marathons and can deadlift 405lbs, or you’re basically Nick Bare in disguise we're going to break down 3 training splits that you can use.

Our goal is help you build YOUR perfect training split that's correct for you. Taking into account your lifestyle, background, and day to day training needs.

As a Hybrid Athlete (@jamie.hybrid) I've used these splits over the last 10 years in many different formats. But I'm always tweaking and improving them.

So take the sessions, tips, and tricks you like and build your own Hybrid schedule today.

Most Importantly: I'm giving you the HYPER (Hybrid-Performance) Training Tracker. This Google Sheet contains the all 3 training splits, detailed gym workouts, and everything you need to track every pound, mile, kilo, or kilometre on your Hybrid journey.

Less is More

I’m a former pro athlete, academy football player, and been lifting and running for 10 years.

But I’ll be honest, when I began trying to build a hybrid training schedule it was almost impossible I was exhausted, getting injured, and not optimising recovery.

Until I realised as a beginner less is more.

Here's why

3 Pillars of Hybrid Training

I’m gonna oversimplify this A LOT. But it’s vital to set the playing field.

There are 3 pillars to Hybrid Training:

  • RESISTANCE = Gym, Weightlifting
  • ENDURANCE = Run, Cycle, Swim, Sport
  • ACTIVE RECOVERY = Yoga, Walking, Hiking

You then have to fit these 3 pillars into your weekly Hybrid training schedule

3 Levels of Hybrid Training

Once you understand the 3 pillars, you must realise not all hybrid training schedules are created equal.

What you build depends on your ability, age, fitness level - as well as other criteria, like your preference of running, swimming, cycling, or playing sport. It also depends IF you’re training for an event, such as marathon, bodybuilding, or triathlon.

But I’ll simplify it into 3 sections to make it easier for anyone new to this game (like I once was):

  • BEGINNER = 1 Training Session per day
  • INTERMEDIATE = 2 Training Sessions per day
  • ELITE = 2.5 Training Session per day (average)

The reason 'Less is More' is so important is that any Hybrid training schedule is going to be tough. Looking after your body, mind, and soul - whilst remaining injury free is always your goal. So start small, take it step by step, and gradually increase the intensity of your Hybrid training routine.

Now that's a bit more clear - let's jump in:

Beginner Schedule

The ‘I want to level up as a human and not sure where to start’ schedule

This is for you IF: You want to build strength, endurance, and confidence quickly

Your job is to mix resistance training, with endurance cardio, alongside active recovery in a smart and measured way.

You do one session per day, utilising big compound gym lifts, gradual distance increases, and ACTIVE rest days to strike the perfect balance.

Here’s an example week:

Intermediate Schedule

The ‘I used to play sport and now I need to challenge myself everyday to stay sane’ schedule

This is for you IF: You want to maintain muscle mass and build aerobic endurance

If you’ve run more than 20km this week AND hit 3 or 4 gym session, you’ll be training THIS Hybrid schedule. Two sessions per day but focused on CONSISTENCY - this means your job is to find your training rhythm.

The difference in intensity between the Entry Split and this split will mean you'll need to ensure your nutrition is on point, hydration (water and electrolytes) is topped up, and you're resting properly.

Here’s an example week:

Elite Schedule

The ‘I run a sub 3 marathon, DL 600lbs, and still leaner than Iggy Pop’ schedule

This is for you IF: You're a machine, elite athlete, or everyones favourite Hybrid Athlete Nick Bare

We're well aware at the elite level you KNOW your body and needs so well that this schedule is just not for you. That's okay. This schedule is an amalgamation of athletes from all over the world, so is meant to be tuned and tweaked.

Regardless here’s how you can double down on INTENSITY, broaden your endurance training to reduce impact injury from running, and get yourself into triathlon shape.

Example Week:

HYPER Training Program

The HYPER Training Program is a FREE downloadable Google Sheet. It contains the 3 Hybrid schedules in this guide, as well as breaking down individual gym workouts and exercises that will support your Hybrid journey.

Download HYPER (Free)
HYPER Hybrid Performance Training Program

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The Ultimate Hybrid Athlete Training Programs

The Ultimate Hybrid Athlete Training Programs

Build YOUR perfect Hybrid Athlete training split that's correct for you. Easy.